Strategy Consulting

You have the attention of the audience... let's say something that will make a change

Producing Miracles

We respect your knowledge and we know how to listen to your input. As consultants, we research your business, your entire industry, and all the factors that affect the business environment. When we sit down to make a plan, here’s what we consider:

Program Strategy and Development

What is the core message? We consider what you need to say right now, and how your message will evolve. It can be communicated and reinforced on many levels. We look for every opportunity to ensure that the creative approach ties to the message.

Audience Engagement/Agenda Development

We consider how to place every element for the most impact and support of the message. We look at how best to intersperse the creative elements to support the speakers. We develop an agenda that keeps the energy high and delivers the full message.

Speech and Script Writing

We take input directly from speakers whenever possible and can deliver final presentations in any form, from bullet points to fully scripted presentations. Every word, image, musical note and lyric is scripted to ensure that the message is always on track.

Executive Presentation Coaching

We schedule speech coaching opportunities that include videotaping the speaker so he/she can review their performance with our speech coach. This kind of feedback brings the speaker’s stage presence, teleprompter skills, and confidence to a new level.

Teleprompting Service

We know that your script can make or break your presentation. Whether your needs are for Presidential or Floor style monitors, we have the best people and the equipment to make everything run flawlessly.

Post-Event Continuity

We consider it part of our deliverables to develop communication elements that keep the message and motivational energy alive throughout the year and provide channels for evolving and expanding the message.

World Class Hospitality
I just wanted to thank you for your world class hospitality during this year’s U.S Open weekend. It was truly an outstanding experience and one I will always remember.
AT&T National Program Manager, AT&T