Product Education

Do you know how your product is made? Do you know its history? Do you know what makes it unique? Don't you think knowing this information would help when talking to a potential client?

Educating for Success

In markets where products are constantly changing it’s a real challenge to keep stay abreast of developments. So, the more you know about your product, the better able you are to share its qualities and benefits with your client or prospect. This means that product education becomes an increasingly important part of your career and success.

Monalto understands that product education plays an important role in the success and growth of each of our clients businesses. Education can take many forms:

  • Meetings or classrooms with powerpoint presentations and handouts
  • Meetings or conferences with expert presenters
  • Onsite or practical product training, for example, learn how it’s made, learn about the culture which produced it; learn about it’s historical uses; learn about where it’s going

While Monalto can create the environment for each of the above scenarios, to name but a few. Perhaps the one we enjoy the most is the onsite, where your staff, guests, clients can interact, ask questions, immerse themselves in understanding how your product came into existence, why it’s so good, why it stands out from your competition, and what your hopes and dreams are for it’s success in the marketplace.

We apply what we do best, planning and details, and you can then share everything there is to know about your product, while building your relationship and mutual trust with your client, in an environment which is both educational and entertaining.

"The whole purpose of education
is to turn mirrors into windows."



St Croix


To plan and coordinate a first class program in the US Virgin Islands for VIP master mixologists, invited to learn about our client’s product. To then create a mixology competition using all local ingredients.


Hosted by The Renaissance Carambola Beach Hotel & Spa, the guests enjoyed a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere, fabulous ocean views, poolside dining and a sunset cruises. One day of education at our client’s facility including a private tour by the owner, a video presentation outlining the history of the product, a product tasting and quality control exercise. 

This expernience was complemented by lunch locally, a visit to the Domino Club (where the highlight are the 2 beerdrinking pigs – non-alcoholic beer of course), and one of the island’s beautiful old historic plantation homes, now a museum.

The Monalto Difference

Our client wanted to bring together experts to learn about and sample their product. They wanted a high quality but relaxed and fun atmosphere. It was very important that the program was executed flawlessly – as a reflection of the pride and quality of their product, and especially as this VIP group were well traveled, at the top of their professions, and therefore well used to 5 star service. This program took on a personality of its own when the attendees realized that they could relax, and have everything taken care of for them. 

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The Perfect Trip for my Family
Just a quick note to say thank you for making all the plans for my recent family trip to Bermuda. That was my first visit to Bermuda but will not be my last. As always your company made the perfect trip. Thanks again for helping make this all possible.
Sales Manager, Horizon Beverage Company